Friday, December 7, 2007

Summer Sun

Summer Sun
I lie in the summer sun, my bare skin glistening in the heat. A breeze blows across my breasts. The cooling wind causes my nipples to harden. I moan and arch my back raising my breasts higher enjoying the tightening feeling caused by the cool air.

I can feel the heat of the sun on my bare legs. I grab the lotion and squeeze the tube, squirting the warm liquid onto my hands. Slowly I begin to rub it onto my legs. My hands glide up and down the curves spreading lotion all over.

As I lie back and relax the heat of the sun grows more intense. It is nearly too hot to bear. My fingers slip into my glass and pluck out a large ice cube. Holding the cube against my belly button it begins to melt on my hot skin. I slide it upwards, cooling my overheated flesh. Slowly I rub the ice under my breasts and then I bring it higher. Again my nipples harden, this time from the cold of the ice in my fingers.

A soft moan escapes me as I tease my nipples with the cold ice. They tighten and grow as the ice melts. Soon the ice is gone but my fingers stay. They continue to rub my nipples causing them to grow even more, along with my pleasure. My fingers pinch and twist at my nipples as my hands open up to cup my breasts. I am overcome with pleasure as I touch myself there in the summer sun.

My sunglasses hide the fact that my eyes are open. He doesn’t know that I see him there. Staring out his window, watching me. I enjoy this game. Teasing him in this way. I know when he comes home. I see his car pull into the drive of the house next door. That is when I go out to my back deck, and the game begins.

I see him there watching me, getting turned on by me. I touch myself and he watches. Always, he is there watching. He has no idea that I know. That makes it better for me. I touch and tease myself, but it is really him I am teasing. Yes, I love this game.

I slide my hand down my skin and begin rubbing the inside of my thigh. I can see him shift his position in the window. He is watching intensely. I slip my fingers along the outside of my pussy. Rubbing, just rubbing. Not touching anything more than the lips. Slowly I spread my legs apart. My pussy opens waiting for my touch. Still I simply tease myself. Barely allowing my fingers to graze against my clit. I moan at the feel of it. I love the feeling of teasing myself and of teasing him.

I look again to where he stands watching me. Suddenly he turns and leaves the window. Something has gotten his attention and called him away from my little game. As much as I want to continue to touch myself, I stop. It is more fun with him there to watch. So I wait. I close my eyes and rest waiting for him to return to his post at the window.

I lie there simply enjoying the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. The heat feels nice and I feel so relaxed. Suddenly the sun goes behind a cloud. I no longer feel its warmth. I continue to lie there and relax, waiting for the cloud to pass.

Minutes pass and still the sun has not returned to warm me. I open my eyes and once again I see him. He is not in his window though. He is standing over me. I am frozen in my position there on the deck. Too stunned to move.

He bends down beside me. Suddenly his hands are on me. I know I should do something. I should push him away. I should run away. I should scream. I do none of those things. Instead I simply continue to lie there.

His hand is on my stomach, rubbing small circles across my skin. I take a deep breath. Upward his hand moves until it is cupping my breast. His thumb flicks across my nipple and it grows hard from his touch. He squeezes my breast as his thumb begins running circles around my nipple. I let out a soft moan and he smiles.

He leans down toward me and his mouth replaces his hand on my breast. I can feel myself becoming moist as his tongue flicks across my nipple. I arch up and move my breast further into his mouth. Suddenly he is on top of me, straddling my naked body. I feel his teeth nip at my hardened flesh. I moan and arch up toward him.

His hand moves down my body and finds the pool of wet juices between my legs. His fingers tease me as they glide across my wet pussy lips. I want him to dive his fingers inside me but I also want him to tease me for awhile first. His fingers remain on the edge of my pussy. He barely brushes against my clit, teasing me. This is what I like and he knows it. He has seen me do this to myself so many times. He is an expert at what I want and he gives it to me.

He unbuckles his jeans and I can feel his cock on my thigh. He is large and hard. I arch up toward him. Still he just teases me only now it is with his cock. I can feel the length of it rubbing on my clit as he took my nipple in his mouth again.

I moan with pleasure at the feeling of him sucking hard on my nipple. He lifts his head and stares down into my eyes. I see such intensity in his eyes as he looks down at me. Suddenly I feel his cock thrust into me. His cock is hard as steel and I can feel it buried deep within me.

Pleasure shoots through me as he thrusts his cock in and out of my wet pussy. I writhe underneath him. My hands grab his ass and I can feel the muscles tightening as he continues to thrust into me. I throw my head back and I can feel my eyes rolling back into my head as the pleasure takes over me. My pussy spasms with my orgasm. His body stiffens and he buries himself deep within me one last time as he cums inside me.

His body relaxes on top of me. I look up at him and he is staring down at me smiling. Quickly he kisses me and then stands up. I watch as he buckles his jeans and then turns and walks away.

I lay there in the summer sun spent of all my energy. Soon I see him in his window again. He looks down at me, waves and then closes his curtains.

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